A Happy 2014!


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Another year begins and I’m not even sure where the last one went! : ) I’ve got big plans for this upcoming year and I’ve been working out ways to manage my time better so I can accomplish my goals. It always seems so grown-up to make up schedules and plans like this but it’s going to be the only way I can overcome my inherent laziness and get work done. Lol!

Hope everyone has a great 2014!


Networking, blogging and being online.


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It’s a funny old thing this internet. You can find out about anything you want, talk with people across the globe and even post your own inane drivel if you so desire. For a writer that self-publishes their work it can be a necessary tool but I have to admit it’s not one I’m 100% comfortable with – I’m getting there though! Once I’ve found my way around all the useful sites that are good for writers – like Wattpad, Smashwords, Facebook etc – I’m sure I’ll get settled into a regular routine.

In the meantime, I’m working on a fantasy novel – actually I’m working on two but this one has priority – it’s a bit like a buddy/road trip movie in fiction form. The idea came to me while travelling to work as I spend about three hours altogether travelling by bus (along with a 12 hour shift) so I have time to think over things. Unfortunately, I’m one of those unlucky people who can’t read in cars or buses as I get travel sickness, *sigh* all that glorious free time and I can’t read – where’s the justice in that I ask? However, I’m now working in the town I live in so much less travel! : )

I will be trying to blog regularly and will post a chapter of my WIP every now and then to give you an idea of what to look forward to! : )


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