Starting the Artist’s Way

In an effort to get my creativity going and hopefully to maintain it I thought I would give Julia Camerons’ ‘The Artist’s Way’ a try as I’ve heard some good things about it. Many creative people have raved about how this book has helped them unlock themselves from their own fear and live the kind of life they want – a creative life!


It’s broken up into 12 weeks and there are exercises for each week that help you work through the mental blocks that are preventing you from reaching your creative potential. I’ve just done WEEK ONE and it made me realise one important aspect of myself that I’ve always denied – that I don’t care what people think but I clearly do as it’s affected my confidence in my own writing.

This book and also Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC are going to be influential in my life for the next few months!

Watch out 2017!

2016 has been, as for many people, a horrible year. I had many things I wanted to do but life always seems to laugh in the face of your good intentions and I merely existed. I shouldn’t complain though, I have my health and no one I knew passed away so I really have no real reason to moan about my lack of progression.

This year is going to be different though – no excuses, no complaining, I want to be able to live a creative life and I’m the only one that can make it happen! I have updated this website and basically began again by putting everything in one place to make it easier to update regularly.

I hope you all can come with me on this journey and support my work any way you can! : )